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I started in the insurance industry in 1994. Before coming to the industry I would just take whatever insurance coverage my agent suggested me to take. I didn't understand what type of coverage I had. I just knew I needed insurance. I decided when I got into the field I would make it our priority to explain the coverages to our clients so they could understand the coverages they have. I do not believe everyone needs the same exact coverage, and with proper education, my clients can choose the policy that is right for them.

We have a wide range of insurance companies that specialize in insuring people at different risk levels. We find that matching our clients' driving records with a company that caters to their needs gives our clients the best policy they can get at the best price available.

Give us a call today whether you are in the market for insurance or not. We will see if we can help you understand what you have, make sure it's what you need, and give you the best price available.

Owner & Founder, Elizabeth Westbrook
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